The current release of SkyAmp is SkyAmp 0.9
SkyAmp is a program that generates graded playlists for WinAmp. It works like this:
  1. Individual songs are grouped in lists (say, an album).
  2. Lists are combined into categories.
  3. Categories are combined into a configuration, with some additional parameters:
    • The (relative) chance that a song from this category will be chosen to be played next;
    • The number of songs that need to be played before another song by this artist can be played;
    • The number of songs that need to be played before another song from this album can be played, and
    • The number of songs that need to be played before this song will 'rotate back' into the list of available songs.

When SkyAmp is started, it will ask which configuration to play. Then it will choose which songs to play, based on the following algorithm:

  1. Choose a category.
  2. Choose a song that can be played according to the rules.
  3. Play that song, and record how many songs have to be played before this song can be chosen again.
  4. Decrease the 'wait-counter' for every song with a wait-counter > 0.
  5. Repeat.

It is possible to have more than one configuration. So you could have a configuration that is ideally suited for a lazy evening (soft music in a category with a high probability with some energetic songs mixed in between with a low probability), and one for the afternoon -- or any other mix of music you might like for a particular moment.
If you listen to an album over and over again until you're sick and tired of it, then SkyAmp is for you. Add the album to a popular category (so that you will hear it often), mixed with the rest of your MP3-collection (so that you won't hear it all the time). When the novelty has worn off, move the album to a less-popular category to hear it less often.

SkyAmp makes use of the SimpleID3 library to read and write ID3 tags of MP3 files.

Discuss SkyAmp with the developers on the SkyAmp-Discussion mailing list, or look at the development information.
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